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Ms Poonam

 (Last updated: November 09, 2017)
Bioinformatics Tutor

I am doing PhD in Bioinformatics, I can teach Biology and CSIR lifeScience classes.

Ms Poonam

subjectSubject Taught

Bioinformatics up to All levels
BioChemistry up to All levels
Biotechnology up to All levels
Biology up to All levels


Fresher in Teaching Industry.

Doing Research in Bioinformatic field Science 6 years.

Find other Bioinformatics, BioChemistry, Biotechnology, Biology tutors in New Delhi


PhD in Bioinformatics (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
MSc in bioinformatics
BSc in (Bioinformatics + Biotechnology + Computer Science)

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I am doing PhD in Bioinformatics from Jawaharlal Nehru University new delhi.I am working on membrane protein specially structure and sequence related work.I published two papers in journals with good impact factor. I did M.Sc. In Bioinformatics from Banasthali University, Rajasthan. I worked on Jawaharlal Nehru University new delhi during dissertation related to protomics.I have a bachelor’s degree in Bioinformatics +Biotechnology + computer Science.I consider myself a good biologist, and I have a good sense of humor.

I can give online classes to CSIR life Science. And I can gibe all Biology and bioinformatic classes.

Pricing: Above post graduation level -- RS 600 per hour.

Geographical Area Covered: Online

Available for online teaching: yes

Available for one-to-one, Private teaching: no

Available for Home teaching(Tutor travels to you): no

Gender: Female

contactContact Details

Address: Room No-22, Scis, Jnu, New Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi

Pin code: 110067

Phone: 9819454317

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