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Ms Divya

 (Last updated: October 04, 2017)
Maths Teacher

Graduated from BITS-Pilani

Ms Divya

subjectSubject Taught

Maths up to All levels
Chemistry up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary
Civics up to 10th grade-Secondary
History up to 10th grade-Secondary
Economics up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary


I have around 2 years of experience as a tutor

Find other Maths, Chemistry, Civics, History, Economics teachers in Jhunjhunu


Masters in Mathematics from BITS-PILANI, graduated in 2015

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In July 2017, I decided to give tuition at my home to class x standard students. I was part of NSS for some time in my college so had some prior teaching experience.

Four students started coming at my place for studying Maths. It is like reliving my school days. I feel so good when they share their school stories with me. Theoretically, it is me who teaches them but in actual it is the other way around.It makes me question myself, when was the last time, I felt happy about small things. Nowadays, all I can think is how to win this never-ending “rat race”.And then there are these kids who are happy with just playing & eating chocolates.

All of them are very sharp & they grasp the concepts quite fast.After one month one more girl joined, but she stopped coming after 4-5 days only. When I spoke to her she told me that other students are very intelligent & if she would give any wrong answer, they would make fun of her.
It was a very tricky situation. I wanted to help her not only with studies but also in boosting her self-confidence.

I asked her if she is ready to come in a different time slot. She agreed & from there on I believe started my real teaching test. I explained to her that no one is born intelligent. We all are equal. If other students give answers quickly, it is not because they have an extra brain but because they work hard.
Slowly & slowly she was able to solve the questions. Earlier she could not solve the homework problems which I used to give but after some time she was able to solve them on her own.

Once I was confident enough that she has done enough practice, I decided to call her in my original batch. I thought it would be better if I do not tell her in advance. So I told her casually to come early. I was worried myself, that if something goes wrong, it won't do anything good, especially to her self -confidence.

When everyone settled down, I told them today there is a surprise test. All of them were like “This is not fair”. I still went ahead & gave some questions.

I was myself surprised & so were the other students when my new student completed her test in just 15 minutes. I patted her back. Once everyone was finished, I announced the marks & all of her answers were correct.Her eyes were glowing with joy & so were mine.

Next day when she came at her regular time, I asked her if she would like to join the old batch. I told her that since she has performed so well, other students are worrying about their marks.She happily nodded her head.

What she said next, touched my heart “Didi it is because of you only, I am able to score good marks.” I did not know how to respond to that compliment.I thanked her for not letting me down.

I still teach all of them & I am happy that they are doing well in their academics.

Pricing: 100

Geographical Area Covered: I prefer online teaching

Available for online teaching: yes

Available for one-to-one, Private teaching: yes

Available for Home teaching(Teacher travels to you): yes

Gender: Female

contactContact Details

Address: Nawalgarh, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan

Pin code: 333042

Phone: 9654904813

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