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Mr Sandeep Kumar

 (Last updated: October 01, 2017)
Java Tutor

3 years experience in tutoring Selenium and 4+ years of experience in Automation Testing

Mr Sandeep Kumar

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Java Selenium WebDriver up to Up to All Level


I have 3 years of experience in online teaching and offline training for freshers as well as experienced professional.

Find other Java, Selenium WebDriver tutors in Hyderabad


I Have Completed graduation in Electrical and Electronics (Btech-EEE)

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I am Sandeep Kumar Patnala working for a software organization since 5 years on selenium automation testing.

It's my passion towards teaching made me to indulge in software training and placement assistance. I analyse the student and what way of teaching is suitable for the student makes me to proceed the concepts of selenium.

My way of teaching is I'll explain each and every concept with power point presentation along with example codes. At the end of each session i'll share the power point presentations and scripts with the students. Everyday assignment will be assigned to the students and reviewing the assignment and providing the right guidance to improve the coding skills. I'll be in contact with the students in WhatsApp for immediate doubts and clarifications.

Course content:

• What is automation testing?
• What is Selenium?
• Selenium supporting browsers, languages and Platforms
• Advantages of Selenium
• What is the difference between Selenium and QTP?
• Selenium Components
• Why Java for Selenium
• Why WebDriver?
• Selenium RC Vs Webdriver
• Web Driver Interface

Java Basics:
• Installing Java
• Installing Eclipse
• Creating Project
• Creating Packages
• First Java program
• Why main method is static?
• Data types in Java
• Java naming conventions
• Accessing modifiers - Public, Private, Default, Protected
• Operators and Variables in Java
• Loops in Java
• Decision Making conditions
• String class and Arrays
• Static and Non-Static Variables
• Date format
• Collection framework- Set Interface, List Interface, ArrayList Class

Object Oriented Programming:
• What is a Class and Object?
• What is a Method?
• Concept of Inheritance
• Concept of Polymorphism
• Concept of Abstraction
• Concept of Encapsulation
• Concept of Interface
• Overloading and Overriding Functions
• Usage of Inheritance in Selenium
• Accessing Classes and Methods
• Concept of Constructors
• Exception handing - try catch block and throwable class
• Need of exception handling in Selenium framework

Selenium IDE:
• Selenium IDE Introduction
• Installing Selenium IDE
• Recording your first test with Selenium IDE
• Running Simple Test
• Debugging Test
• Exporting as Java test
• Limitations of Selenium IDE

• Firebug and Firepath
• Locating elements by ID
• Locating elements by name
• Locating elements by link text/partial link text
• Locating elements by class name
• Locating elements by tagname
• Locating elements by CSS selector
• Locating elements by Xpath

Script Development using WebDriver:
• Downloading WebDriver Jars configuring in eclipse
• Drivers for Firefox, IE, Chrome, iPhone, Android etc
• Sample programs in WebDriver
• Making your own XPath without firebug
• When to use Xpath in scripts
• Working with chrome and IE
• Concept of firefox profile
• Handling Links
• Handling Text box
• Handling Buttons
• Handling Radio Buttons
• Handling Checkboxes
• Handling Dropdown list
• Handling Dropdown list using Select class
• FindElement Vs FindElements
• Capturing screenshots with WebDriver
• Implicit wait
• Explicit wait
• Web Driver wait
• Handling windows and switching windows
• Close and Quit
• Handling frames in web pages
• Handling JavaScript alert messages
• Certificate error handling using WebDriver
• Handling WebTables
• Assertion Vs Verification
• Re-size the browser
• Simulating front and back button click on Browser
• Refresh a browser
• Advanced User Interactions API for mouse and keyboard events
• Handling Drag and Drop, Mouse hover, Scroll Down, Context click
• Read text from PDF
• Reading/Writing Microsoft XLS Files using POI API
• Upload and Download files using Selenium

Debugging the test:
• What is debugging
• When to do debugging
• How to do debugging

Object repository:
• What is object repository?
• How to use object repository in framework?
• What is the use of maintaining object repository?
• Read properties from properties file

TestNg Framework:
• What is TestNg
• Installing TestNg in Eclipse
• Advantages over Junit
• TestNg annotations
• Understanding usage of annotations
• Running a Test in TestNg
• TestNG Assert commands
• @Test attributes
• Dependency tests
• Grouping tests
• Multithreading/Parallelism
• Skipping Tests
• Parameterization Tests
• DataProvider
• Creating Test suites using TestNG
• Reports generation using TestNG
• Re-run failed test cases
• Running TestNG suites from command prompt
• Configure ReportNG with TestNG to generate HTML reports as a replacement for the default TestNG HTML reports

Selenium Grid:
• Introduction to Grid
• Introduction to hub, driver
• Creating hub and nodes
• Grid configuration
• Creating batch files
• Approaches to start/stop hub and driver
• Using grid to run tests remote machines
• Setting desired & fetching actual capabilities
• Maxinstances Vs Maxsessions
• Configuring node parameters and timeouts

Custom Framework Design:
• What is frame work?
• Types of frame works
• What is Data driven frame work?
• Use of framework
• How to execute scripts from framework?
• Reporting

"900+ Real time interview questions."

Additional knowledge for real time working experience:
• Maven build tool
• Jenkins for Continuous integration
• Version Control System (GitHub)

Pricing: Negotiable on call.

Geographical Area Covered: Online

Available for online teaching: yes

Available for one-to-one, Private teaching: yes

Available for Home teaching(Tutor travels to you): yes

Gender: Male

contactContact Details

Address: Hyderabad, Yusaf Guda, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Pin code: 500045

Phone: 7032652771

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