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Ms Aswathy Jijiwhatsapp:9886860318

 (Last updated: October 27, 2017)
IELTS Teacher

I can ignite in you the passion for learning and help you live beyond your goals.

Ms Aswathy Jijiwhatsapp:9886860318

subjectSubject Taught

IELTS PTE Or OET up to All levels BAND-8
TOEFL Writing And Reading up to All levels Online and Offline
English Grammar Basic To Advanced up to All levels
Spoken English Speaking Skills up to All levels PTE or OET
English Grammar Civil Service Mentoring up to All levels OET or PTE
English Writing And Reading up to All levels Speaking and Listening


***** Having a Corporate work experience for 3 years, I can easily suggest remedial measures to overcome one's weaknesses.

@@@@@@ Present Status @@@@@@@

I am a Civil Service Aspirant with a keen mind to learn various subjects and contribute as a teacher the best to my students.


@@@@@@@@@School Education@@@@@@@@@@@@

I completed my schooling in various KENDRIYA VIDYALAYAS across India.

***** I utilize the exposure I gained by interacting with people from all states of India to incorporate diverse contents in my teaching.

***** After the course, the student will be capable of understanding the National and International affairs with greater insights.

***** This platform gives wings to my dreams of reaching any learner who is constrained due to any reasons.

@@@@@@@@@ Graduation @@@@@@@@@@@

I hold a B. TECH in Electronics And Communication from CUSAT. Year of Passing: 2012

detailOther details

@@@@@@@@ tutoring Philosophy @@@@@@@@@@@

**** I believe every individual is a bundle of potential. Only a real trainer can inculcate in the students the Growth Mindset with which any task becomes surmountable.

**** I can infuse in the learners regardless of their age the passion towards studies, which will transform their approach to their Goals.

**** In my classes, you start as a Beginner...... Progress as a Learner..... And emerge with the desired Strengths to realize your targets.

**** Each student will get bombarded with a wide range of ideas that would stimulate new thinking and understanding of the world.

@@@@@@@@@ mode of class delivery @@@@@@@@@@@@

**** Technology is my weapon to spread awareness. With it, anyone can get access to world-class English education experience.

**** Guaranteed individual attention to the students, which will boost their confidence to overcome the challenges of any exam.

**** Elaborate course work that will refresh one's outlook towards the happenings around the world.

**** Anyone with a Smartphone and an Internet Connection can access the Course Work.

**** Additional Online Assistance will be provided at any time of the day: 24/7.

**** The only requirement from the students is their effort.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ A Glimpse of My strengths @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

**** Effective Communication Skills: A good teacher should understand the requirements of each student through the minimal interactions. I can assure you such skills.

**** Quick Assessment: Faster the analysis of the areas of improvement within the student, easier would be devising a strategy for the respective student.

**** Multi-dimensional Thinking: My exposure, independent pursuits, and world-view lends me the capability to think in various angles. It can help the student acquire skills to face any obstacle confidently.

@@@@@@@@@@ my source of inspiration @@@@@@@@@@@

I believe Motivation needs to be replenished daily while Inspiration is that Momentum, which if once acquired will sail you through the adventurous journey of life.

I constantly feel energized by the following quotes by the living legends.

One Child, One Teacher, One Book and One Pen can Change the World. By Malala Yousafzai....
Freedom from Fear is the Greatest of Freedoms by Aung San Suu Kyi...

Pricing: 9000 INR with 24/7 Online Support and Unlimited Course Material.

Geographical Area Covered: Online and Offline

Available for online teaching: yes

Available for one-to-one, Private teaching: yes

Available for Home teaching(Teacher travels to you): no

Gender: Female

contactContact Details

Address: Puthenkruz, Kothamangalam, Kochin, Kerala

Pin code: 686691

Phone: 9886860318

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