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Mr Venkatgaddam

 (Last updated: October 06, 2017)
Unix Tutor

DevOps On-line Training

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Unix DevOps up to All levels


I have around 2 years of experience as a trainer.

Find other Unix, DevOps tutors in Hyderabad


I have done masters in computers and have over all 6 years of experience in IT industry.

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Please find the technical Summary I may cover as part of this training.

DevOps Foundation Course
Linux_OS_Basics and Shell Scripting
• Linux_Commands
• File_System
• vi editor
• Advanced_Linux_Commands
• System_Administration
• Advanced_System_Administration
• Grep
• Shell_Scripting with examples (All types of loops)
• Regular_Expressions
• sed
• awk

• Maven basics
• Difference between Ant and Maven
• Installation and Setup of Maven
• Maven lifecyclyes
• First Maven project
• How to compile application source
• How to compile test source and run unit test
• SNAPSHOT version
• How to use plugins
• How to add or remove resources from jar
• dependency management
• Deploy jar in remote repository

• Basics of CI
• Fresh instance of Jenkins installation and configuration
• How to create a job and configure it
• A walk-through of different features of Jenkin
• Jenkins plugins installation and configuration
• Practical Jenkins Administration issues
• How to integrate different build and release tools like Ant, Maven, GIT, SVN, ToMCAt, etc
• Devise a strategy for the candidate's organization build and release process

• GIT basics
• Branching strategy
• Difference between versioning control tools and GIT
• Git installation
• Getting and creating projects: initialize a directory as Git repository and copy a Git repository
• Basic snapshotting: Adding file contents to staging area
• View status of your files in the working directory and the staging area
• Show diff at various stages
• Record snapshot of staging area
• Undo changes and commits
• Remove files from staging area
• Stashing changes
• Branching and merging
• Sharing and updating projects
• Inspection and Comparison

• Basics of virtualization
• Basics of cloud computing
• AWS services: EC2, S3, DynamoDB

• Introduction to Docker
• What is Docker
• Containers vs virtual machine
• Docker platform overview and terminologies
• Docker Engine
• Images
• Registry
• Repositories
• Docker Hub
• Introduction to Images
• Getting started with Containers
• Docker Fundamentals:
• Building Images
• Dockerfile
• Managing Images and Containers
• Distributing Images on Docker Hub
• Basic Container networking

• Nagios core installation and configuration
• Creations of objects
• Alert configuration
• Email Notification configuration

• Installation and Configurations
• Why BitBucket
• BitBucket And GIT
• Integration of BitBucket with JIRA

• Installation and Configurations.
• Manging Projects configurations.
• Managing Workflow

• Installing Ansible
• Basic inventory file setup
• Basic Concepts and Hands on
• Ansible Playbook
• Application Deployment

Pricing: Students can reach out me via email for any clarifications on fee structure.

Geographical Area Covered: I am OK to travel around 5 KM area from my place and other than that I am comfortable with on-line training.

Available for online teaching: yes

Available for one-to-one, Private teaching: yes

Available for Home teaching(Tutor travels to you): no

Gender: Male

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Address: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Pin code: 500018

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