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Mr Sudipta

 (Last updated: April 05, 2017)
Android Mobile App Dev Tutor

7 Years of IT Industry experience in Android mobile application development

Mr Sudipta

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Android Mobile App Dev up to All levels


2.5 Years of teaching experience.
7 Years of industry experience.
Currently associated with a CMMI Level 5 IT Company.

Find other Android Mobile App Dev tutors in Kolkata


M.C.A (Master of Computer Application) from University of North Bengal

B.C.A (Bachelor in Computer Application) from university of North Bengal

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Learn Android application development through online classes and smoother your career.

Training Level : Only Beginners and Intermediate

Number of classes : 12- 14 classes

Duration : 6 - 8 weeks

Training Mode: Skype / Google Hangout

Eligibility Criteria:
# Should have minimum educational qualification 12th
Standard (Maths / Computer Science).
# Should have good knowledge of core Java and Object
Orientation Concept.

Key Points:
* Training by only industry experienced technical.

* Only Weekend classes.

* Special / Extra Classes for Students.

* Final year/semester projects are also taken care through new/existing developed projects on Android platforms.

Course Summary:

1) Introduction To Mobile Apps
A) Why we Need Mobile Apps
I. Different Kinds of Mobile Apps
II. Briefly about Android
2) Introduction Android
A) History Behind Android Development
I. What is Android?
II. Pre-requisites to learn Android
III. Brief Discussion on Java Programming
3) Android Architecture
A) Overview of Android Stack
I. Android Features
II. Introduction to OS layers
4) Deep Overview in Android Stack
A) Linux Kernel
I. Libraries
II. Android Runtime
III. Application Framework
IV. Dalvik VM
5) Installing Android Machine
A) Configuring Android Stack
I. Setting up Android Studio
II. Working with Android Studio
III. Using Older Android Tools
6) Creating First Android Application
A) Creating Android Project
I. Debugging Application through DDMS
II. Setting up environment
III. AVD Creation
IV. Executing Project on Android Screen
7) Android Components
A) Activities
I. Services
II. Broadcast Receivers
III. Content Providers
8) Hello World App
A) Creating your first project
I. The manifest file
II. Layout resource
III. Running your app on Emulator
9) Building UI with Activities
A) Activities
I. Views, layouts and Common UI components
II. Creating UI through code and XML
III. Activity lifecycle
IV. Intents
V. Communicating data among Activities
10) Advanced UI
A) Selection components (GridView, ListView, Spinner )
I. Adapters, Custom Adapters
II. Complex UI components
III. Building UI for performance
11) Notifications
A) Toast, Custom Toast
I. Dialogs
II. Status bar Notifications
12) Multithreading
A) Using Java Mutithreading classes
I. AsyncTask
II. Handler
III. Post

13) Styles And Themes
A) Creating and Applying simple Style
I. Inheriting built-in Style and User defined style
II. Using Styles as themes
14) Resources and Assets
A) Android Resource
I. Using resources in XML and code
II. Localization

15) Intent, Intent Filters and Broadcast Receivers
A) Role of filters
I. Intent-matching rules
II. Filters in your manifest

16) Receiving System Broadcast
17) I. Understanding Broadcast action, category and data
II. Registering Broadcast receiver through code and through XML
III. Sending Broadcast
18) Data Storage
A) Shared Preferences
I. Android File System
II. Internal storage
III. External storage
IV. SQLite
I) IntroducingSQLite
B. SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database

19) Content Providers
A) Accessing built in content providers
I. Working with content files
20) Services
21) Overview of services in Android
I. Implementing a Service
II. Service lifecycle

22) Multimedia in Android
A) Multimedia Supported audio formats
I. Simple media playback
II. Supported video formats
III. Simple video playback
23) Location Based Services and Google Maps
A) Using Location Based Services
I. Finding current location and listening for changes in location
II. Working with Google Maps
III. Showing google map in an Activity
IV. Map Overlays

24) Web Services and WebView
A) Consuming web services
I. Receiving HTTP Response (XML, JSON )
II. Parsing JSON and XML
III. Using WebView
25) More
A) Fragments
I. Material Design
II. Gradle
B) Android best practices.
C) Developing a small project in Android.

26) Android Application Deployment
A) Android Application Deployment on device with Linux and Windows
I. Android Application Deployment on Android Market

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Pricing: Rs. 200 per hour

Geographical Area Covered: Online only

Available for online teaching: yes

Available for one-to-one, Private teaching: yes

Available for House teaching(Tutor travels to you): no

Gender: Male

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Address: Rajarhat.Gopalpur, Kolkata, West Bengal

Pin code: 700136

Phone: 8017537439

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