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Find other Maths, Python, RDBMS, Oracle, MySQL teachers in Pune

Ms Samhita

 (Last updated: May 08, 2017)
Maths Teacher

I believe to keep things simple and not to complicate things unnecessarily

subjectSubject Taught

Maths Python up to 10th grade-Secondary All levels
RDBMS up to All levels
Oracle up to All levels
MySQL up to All levels


Apart from teaching I have also 4+ years of experience in IT industry.

Find other Maths, Python, RDBMS, Oracle, MySQL teachers in Pune


I have graduated (B.Tech) from NIT Silchar (EE 2014) .

detailOther details

I believe to keep things simple as lengthening the topic would only add stress to the student. So my way of teaching is explaining the overview of the concept first, why it is important and how it works. I tend to understand and explain things relating it to a example, so that it is hard for student to forget the concept ever.I design my courses like so that I wish I had them when I first started learning the topic. So my customised courses are very much student friendly.

Pricing: Maths Tution - Class V-Viii - Rs. 1500/monthly
Maths Tution - Class IX-X -Rs 2000/monthly
Oracle Rdbms - 3 months course - Rs.5000

Students can reach out to me even after completion of course in case they have any doubt about the subject.No extra fees will be charged for it.

Geographical Area Covered: I am willing to teach from my home, online and by visiting the student's home.

Available for online teaching: yes

Available for one-to-one, Private teaching: yes

Available for Home teaching(Teacher travels to you): yes

Gender: Female

contactContact Details

Address: Pune, Maharashtra

Pin code: 411021

Phone: +91-9028276196

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