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Ms Felistus Wanjiru

 (Last updated: January 10, 2017)
Chemistry Teacher

A knowledgeable, humble and patient teacher.

Ms Felistus Wanjiru

subjectSubject Taught

Chemistry up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary
Accounting up to Bachelors in Commerce
Economics up to Bachelors in Commerce
Finance up to Bachelors in Commerce
Maths up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary


I have taught Mathematics and Chemistry for a semester in St Gabriells Boys Lanet.My accomplishments; 
•Provided assistance to students with weak study areas
• Assisted students in acquiring better understanding of targeted weak areas within a subject or a subject as a whole
• Wrote individuals tutoring plans in
Accordance to the individual needs of students
• Maintained confidential student record
• Researched and recommended prudent textbooks and learning materials. 

Find other Chemistry, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Maths teachers in Nakuru


I have a bachelor of Commerce degree management Science option, second class honours upper division.I graduated from Egerton University in 2014.

detailOther details

I focus on imparting deep-level understanding of the concept and that can only be taught with individual attention. I do this with a lot of patience and professionalism.One of my great pleasures is helping students reach moments of epiphany when the light dawns and perplexity gives way to clarity. I focus on making a student think for themselves and develop flexible mastery. Working together, I guide you to the correct solution to difficult test questions, using the right method leading you step by step in the right direction and without giving you the answers. I have experience in teaching Mathematics and Sciences at high school level.
In a conventional classroom setting, many students are unable to keep up with the pace of the assignments or lectures, have conflicting work commitments, or simply are unable to remember the appropriate tips and tricks under the time pressure of the exam. I’ll help you to put all of the material into perspective, and help you to better understand the tips and tricks that you have learned, so that you will be able to apply the appropriate technique to each new problem that is presented. I will tailor our sessions together to reflect your abilities, goals, and time-constraints. I also provide much more individual feedback than could be possible in a large classroom, so you will find that time spent with me is much more productive. 

Pricing: 10$ per hour.

Geographical Area Covered: I am an online tutor only.

Available for online teaching: yes

Available for one-to-one, Private teaching: no

Available for Home teaching(Teacher travels to you): no

Gender: Female

contactContact Details

Address: 2003, Nakuru, Online

Pin code: 020100

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