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Mr R K Gaur Online Java Teacher, J2ee Teacher

 (Last updated: November 07, 2017)
Java Teacher

Online Java Teacher - More then 12+ Years of Experience in Java, J2EE technologies.

Mr R K Gaur Online Java Teacher, J2ee Teacher

subjectSubject Taught

Java J2EE, Core, Advance Java up to All levels
Core Java up to All levels
Advance Java up to All levels
J2EE up to All levels
Java Swings up to All levels
Java Servlets up to All levels
Java Server Page up to All levels
C/C++ up to All levels
HTML Java Script up to All levels
Java Swings With Events up to All levels
Java Multithreading up to All levels
Java Exception Handalling up to All levels
Learn Complete Java up to All levels
Java Script up to All levels
Java Exception Handalling up to All levels
Java Online Teacher, up to All levels
Python up to Bachelors in Engineering
Computer Graphics up to All levels
MATLAB up to Masters


Industrial experience in Core Java, Advance Java, J2EE Technologies as Software Lead and Corporate Lead.


MSc (Cs)
MSc (stat)

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Hi Dear IT Students and beginners
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Become Java master by IT industry Experts and professionals to achieve success in your Exams and also in IT industries.

About Instructor -
More then 12+ years Experienced Professional in C, C++, Core Java, Advanced Java, Servlets, JSP, J2EE, Informatic Practice, SQL, HTML web designing web development, Customized Software development etc. Online and offline Java Experts and Professionals available worldwide.

Learn software development also in easy steps.

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Complete Online Training Syllabus -

Complete Software engineering Training Package -

Course Duration : 2 - 6 Months.

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Module - 1

Programming in C Language

1. Introduction to programming languages

2. What is C language, Data Types, Operators etc.

3. Decision Control Statements

4. Case Control Statements

5. Loops

6. Functions and use

7. Pointers

8. Structures

9. Make a header file

10. Unions

11. Strings

12. Arrays - one-D, two-D etc.

13. Array of pointers

14. Pointer to array

15. Pointer to structures

16. File handling

17. Graphics under C language

Module - 2

Object Oriented Programming - C++

1. Revision of C fundamentals

2. Introduction to C++

3. Object oriented programming Fundamentals and Features

4. Functions and Function Overloading

5. Inline - Non Inline Functions

6. Creating Class

7. Class and Objects

8. Object as Arguments

9. Constructors - default, perameterized, overloaded, copy constructors

10. Inheritance in C++ - 5 types of Inheritance

11. Polymorphic - Operator Overloading

12. Virtual Functions

13. Pure virtual functions

14. Virtual Base Class

15. File handling

16. Pointer to objects

17. Strings as Arguments

18. Sorting and Arrays

19. Advanced features as Graphics Under C++;

20. Pointers in C++;

Note : - Please contact only interested and serious person.Don't waste time if you are confused..Try to contact others...

Module - 3

Core Java Programming

Unit - 1 Introduction to Java programming

Unit - 2 Data Types

Unit - 3 Operators

Unit - 4 Decision Control Statements

Unit - 5 Wrapper Classes

Unit - 6 Taking Input through Command Line

Unit - 7 Arrays

Unit - 8 Strings

Unit - 9 Class and objects

Unit - 10 Constructors

Unit - 11 Inheritance

Unit - 12 Packages and Interfaces

Unit - 13 Abstract Classes and Methods

Unit - 14 Exception Handling

Unit - 15 Mufti Threads Programming

Unit - 16 Applets

Unit - 17 AWT package

Unit - 18 Events with Frame

Unit - 19 IO package

Unit - 20 Scanner class

Module - 4

Advanced Java Programming

Unit - 1 Swings

- Introduction to swings

- Swing package

- Swing Components

- Creating your Login page

- GUI based programming

Unit - 2 Swing with Events

- Introduction to Events

- ActionEvent class

- MouseEvent class

- KeyEvent class

- WindowEvent class

- FocusEvent class

- ItemEvent class etc.

- Interfaces for Event class

- ActionListener Interface

- MouseListener Interface

- KeyListener Interface

- MouseMotionListener Interface

- WindowListener Interface

- ItemListener Interface etc.

Unit - 3 JDBC

- Introduction to Java data base connectivity

- JDBC Architecture

- JDBC drivers

- Configuration with JDBC

- Programming with JDBC

Unit - 4 Networking

- Introduction

- Networking Layers

- Client side programming

- Server side programming

- Implementation

Unit - 5 RMI (Remote Method Invocation)

- Introduction to RMI

- RMI compiler

- Architecture of RMI

- Configuration of RMI

- Implementation of RMI

Unit - 6 Util Package

- Introduction to Util package

- Hashmap class

- Treemap class

- Vector

- ArrayList

- Random class

- Date class

- Time class etc.

Unit - 7 Introduction to Servlets

- Introduction to servlets

- Introduction to J2EE

- J2EE Architecture

Unit - 8 Advanced Programming

- Command for printer

- Access data from form

- Printout command from GUI

Unit - 9 Java Beans using BDK1.2

- Introduction to Java Beans

- Installing bean development kit

- Implementation

Module - 5

J2EE - Web based Programming Fundamentals

Unit-1 Client side programming

Unit- 2 MVC of J2EE

Unit -3 Overview and Setup

- Understanding the role of servlets

- Evaluating servlets vs. Other technologies

- Understanding the role of JSP

- Configuring the server

- Configuring your development environment

- Testing the server setup

Unit-4 Servlet Basics

- The basic structure of servlets

- A simple servlet that generates plain text

- A servlet that generates HTML

- Servlets and packages

- Some utilities that help build HTML

- The servlet life cycle

Unit-5 Handling the Client Request: Form Data

- The role of form data

- Creating and submitting HTML forms

- Reading individual request parameters

- Reading the entire set of request parameters

- Handling the Client Request: HTTP Request Headers

Unit-6 Generating the Server Response: HTTP Status Codes

- Format of the HTTP response

- How to set status codes

- Shortcut methods for redirection and error pages

- A servlet that redirects users to browser-specific pages

- A front end to various search engines

Unit- 7 Generating the Server Response: HTTP Response Headers

- Format of the HTTP response

- Setting response headers

- Understanding what response headers are good for

Unit-8 Cookies

- Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of cookies

- Sending outgoing cookies

- Receiving incoming cookies

- Tracking repeat visitors

Unit-9 Session Tracking

- Implementing session tracking from scratch

- Using basic session tracking

- Understanding the session-tracking API

Unit-10 Database Access

- Access data from data base

- Search data

- Insert data

- Delete data

Module - 6

Java Server page

Unit-1 Introduction and Overview

- Understanding the need for JSP

- Evaluating the benefits of JSP

- Comparing JSP to other technologies

- Avoiding JSP misconceptions

- Understanding the JSP life cycle

- Installing JSP pages

- Looking at JSP in the real world

Unit-2 Invoking Java Code with JSP Scripting Elements

- Static vs. Dynamic text

- Dynamic code and good JSP design

- JSP expressions

- Servlets vs. JSP pages for similar tasks

- JSP script lets

- JSP declarations

Unit-3 Controlling the Structure of Generated Servlets:

- The JSP page Directive

- Understanding the purpose of the page directive

- Designating which classes are imported

Unit-4 Including Files

- Using jsp:include to include pages at request time

- Using (the include directive) to include files at page translation time

- Understanding why jsp:include is usually better than the include directive

- Using jsp:plugin to include applets for the Java Plug-in

Unit-5 Using and Deploying Web Applications

- Purpose of Web applications

- Structure of Web applications

- Setting up Web applications with ToMCAt

Unit-6 Controlling Web Application Behavior

- Custom URLs

- Initialization parameters

- Reloading pages

- Welcome pages

- Error pages

Unit-7 Accessing Databases with JDBC

- Overview of JDBC technology

- JDBC drivers

- Seven basic steps in using JDBC

- Retrieving data from a ResultSet

- Handling SQL exceptions

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