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Mr Mukesh Kumar

 (Last updated: March 23, 2016)
English Teacher

Let the fire embrace a burning desire.The attained orientation will speak for You, Amen!.

Mr Mukesh Kumar

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English English Grammar up to Bachelor in Arts Bachelor in Arts
English Literature Spoken English up to Bachelor in Arts


7 years in BPO/KPO and 3 years in teaching English.Lean and basic Six Sigma trained.Ultimate analytical skills. My peers awarded me with a sobriquet " Word Bank."

Find other English, English Grammar, English Literature, Spoken English teachers in West Delhi


B.A. In English from Chapra University, 2004, 70%

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I am Mukesh Kumar, Quality Analyst, from Hazaribag, Jharkhand.

I have been working with BPO/KPO for the last eight years. Setting it apart, I acquired an experience of three years in teaching English subject. Here, I declare astutely the contrast between them is nothing but the former gives me piece of mind and the latter gives peace of mind, nevertheless. I have composed many English poems as well. Some of them are Although I am a tyro, but I am a hero. . ., Emerge O tempting soul emerge! So that no remorse at submerge. . ., The seraphic smile of the mother earth, Leaps no bound while receiving pearls. . . And many more.

It's great to be finally here.It seems my dream has come true as I have been longing for this kind of opportunity for a long time.Teaching
Electrifies me.It is such a noble profession where there is no dirty Politics.It is as pure as the nature, as huge as an ocean, and as true as death.

Further, with the advent of internet, on-line teaching has been achieving a lot of credence in educational realm.The obvious reason is right things should reach at right place. No conditions apply, no discounts and no more highfalutin way to mask the reality. The future of our nation will no longer be misled.

Mantra: English is merely a xenoglossophobia that capitulates to them who dare to extirpate it.And in order to triumphing over, just immerse into it consciously and unconsciously.No, no more thoughts on this.Everything appears propitious.The person, the place, and the time are rare seen having concurrency amongst others, but they are for you.They demand your exposure to this, rest they will take care of your fear elements.

Methodology of tutoring:

1) An eclectic method for Spoken English:

A) Phonology of English:
Phonetic transcription of words and sentences, Syllable Stress, Phonemes -- ( Consonants, Vowels and Diphthongs), Modulation, Weak and Strong Verbs, etc.

Practical Test will include:
Loud reading of a poem/ passage. Pronunciation of words. Observation of accent and pronunciation of a given text .

B) Conversation in English - To train the students to use English for the practical purposes. .
Greetings, Introducing Oneself, Making Request, Complimenting and Congratulating, etc.

C) Using English in Real Life Situation:
At the Party, At the Railway Station/ Bus Station, At the College Canteen or Restaurant, etc.

D) Basic English Grammar -- To make them aware of the peculiarities of English language:
Parts of speech and their uses, Tenses and their use, Modals, Voices, etc.

2) Vocabulary Builder:
Mnemonic Strategies, Recognition of Root Words, Prefix and Suffix, Tailing the Words, etc. . .

3) School Curriculum and Literature :
Group Discussion

Mukesh Kumar

Pricing: Rs 250-300 per hour up to 12 grade- Higher Secondary

Geographical Area Covered: Up to 5 km.

Available for online teaching: yes

Available for one-to-one, Private teaching: yes

Available for House teaching(Teacher travels to you): yes

Gender: Male

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Address: Re-a-25, gali No 4, R Block Extn., Pradhan Chowk, Near Vikas Valley School, Vikas Nagar, Uttam Nagar 59, West Delhi, Delhi

Pin code: 110059

Phone: 8860086176

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