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(Last updated: December 03, 2017) 

Total focus will be on Academics of Students

Accounting Fianacial Accounting, Cost up to Bachelors in Commerce At PG level, Financial Management SAP (FICO) up to Masters at certification level

(Last updated: March 17, 2017) 

Mathematics & Science up to 10th Standard

Maths Science up to All levels

(Pin:590001) City
(Last updated: February 01, 2017) 

I believe in worst to make the best.

Maths Chemistry up to 10th grade-Secondary 10th grade-secondary

(Last updated: November 18, 2016) 

I believe, if you understand the subject well ,then there is no word called difficult.

C/C++ strong basics up to All levels, Data Structures up to All levels, Java up to All levels, Unix up to All levels, Operating Systems up to All levels

(Pin:590010) Belagavi
(Last updated: October 17, 2016) 

success is alousy teacher it seduces smartpeople into thinking they cant lose.

Biology zoology up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary bds 1st year

(Last updated: September 07, 2016) 


Fluid Mechanics all mechanical Engg sub up to Bachelors in Engineering bachelors in enginering, Maths up to Bachelors in Engineering

(Last updated: July 18, 2016) 

Hi i want to encourage max people to learn sub.

Science Control engineering up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary B tech

(Last updated: July 09, 2016) 

Experienced & Qualified Teacher

Maths Science up to 10th grade-Secondary

(Last updated: October 06, 2015) 

Online Tutor available for the needy students

English Spoken English up to 10th grade-Secondary 5th grade

(Pin:591111) Hosur, Belgaum Bangalore
(Last updated: July 12, 2015) 

Never GiveUp... Nothing will replace hard work.

Java up to All levels, C/C++ up to All levels, Science up to 10th grade-Secondary

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