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(Pin:410206) New Panvel, Panvel
(Last updated: April 26, 2016) 

I am well versed in English and have an experience of teaching kids for almost 2 years

Biology English up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary 12th grade- highsecondary

(Pin:410222) Rasayani
(Last updated: November 13, 2015) 

Science and learning is beautiful and fun if it makes simple explanations of phenomena.

Physics up to Bachelors in Engineering

(Pin:410201) Karjat
(Last updated: September 21, 2014) 

Believe in yourself and world will believe you.

Digital Electronics Electronics Engineering up to Masters

(Pin:410206) Panvel
(Last updated: July 26, 2014) 

Learning from corporate employees is much more than just bookish theory knowledge.

Maths up to 9th-12th standard, C/C++ up to Bachelors in Engineering, .Net up to Bachelors in Engineering

(Pin:410201) Kadav
(Last updated: June 18, 2014) 

Rich experince in Computer as well as Maths [ ICSE, SSC]

Maths COMPUTER up to 10th grade-Secondary, MS Office up to 10th grade-Secondary

(Pin:410206) Panvel
(Last updated: December 16, 2015) 

M Tech (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering) University Tpooer

Digital Electronics BEEE, Maths up to Bachelors in Engineering

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