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(Pin:680103) Guruvayur
(Last updated: April 28, 2011) 

Computer , Maths and primary lessons by a qualified and experienced tutor.

C/C++ up to All levels, MCA up to Masters, All Subjects up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary, Computing/Computer up to Masters, Maths up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary

(Pin:680121) Irinjalakuda
(Last updated: December 03, 2014) 

Maths/ Physics tutor and Subject matter expert

Physics up to All levels, C/C++ MS Word, Excel, Access up to All levels Graduate level, Maths up to All levels Engineering Mathematics

(Pin:680028) Madakkathara
(Last updated: January 31, 2013) 

A well knowledged,sincered and skilled experiencedteacher

Maths Statistics up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary Bachelors in Maths and

(Pin:680003) Ayyanthole
(Last updated: February 01, 2015) 

Mathematics is a game of finding unknowns using knowns

Maths Quantitative aptitude up to GMAT CAT, Reasoning Statistics up to All levels competitive Exams

(Pin:680002) Punkunnam
(Last updated: December 18, 2012) 

I have 5 years experience in tutoring upto 10th level.

Maths up to 10th grade-Secondary, English up to 10th grade-Secondary, Biology up to 10th grade-Secondary, Physics up to 10th grade-Secondary, English Grammar up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary, Spoken English up to 10th grade-Secondary

(Pin:680001) Trichur
(Last updated: June 05, 2012) 

Physics and Maths for CBSE X!th and XII at my residence

Physics up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary, Maths up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary

(Last updated: February 13, 2014) 

Math tuition, Qualification:B.Tech, Exp:12yrs,Any syllabus

Maths Pre Calculus, Calculus up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary

(Pin:680306) Olur
(Last updated: September 21, 2013) 

Maths is the most easiest and a sub wich u can score full marks if u jus know the basicsss

Maths up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary

(Pin:680307) Chalakudy
(Last updated: June 02, 2012) 

I have a total of nine years of exp.In teaching maths in home tuitions and tuitions

Maths up to 10th grade-Secondary

(Pin:680508) Venmenad, Trichur
(Last updated: September 29, 2012) 

I have worked H.L.P.S Mullassery as teacher and as special educator at sloka ayyanthol

Maths up to 10th grade-Secondary, Hindi up to 5th grade - Primary, Malayalam up to 10th grade-Secondary

(Pin:680509) Chavakkad
(Last updated: January 03, 2015) 

I am a Btch holder in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Maths up to All levels, Physics up to 10th grade-Secondary

(Pin:680551) Adat
(Last updated: March 09, 2015) 

Home Tuition in Thrissur CBSE/State Syllabus for 8th,9th,10th,+1 & +2 Classes

Physics Chemistry, Biology, Maths up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary +1, Science Social Science, Maths, Eng up to 10th grade-Secondary 8, 9, 10

(Pin:680584) Erumapetty
(Last updated: December 11, 2014) 

Love maths would love to impart my knowledge tricks to upcoming students..

Maths English, Science, Hindi, up to 10th grade-Secondary 6- 10 th level, Social Studies 6 10 level up to 10th grade-Secondary 6-10 lever

(Pin:680602) Vaka
(Last updated: January 15, 2015) 

I am doing my m tech , teaching is my passion and i like to share my knowledge

Maths control system up to 10th grade-Secondary batchlers in engineering

(Pin:680684) Kodakara
(Last updated: August 29, 2013) 

i think they perfer me.

Maths Computer up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary 12th grade

(Pin:680689) Kodakara
(Last updated: May 09, 2012) 

Increase your curiosity, experiment and learn the wonders in physics and maths.

Physics up to 10th grade-Secondary, Maths up to 10th grade-Secondary, All Subjects up to 5th grade - Primary

(Last updated: June 19, 2013) 

Simple methods to teach your difficult subjects

Maths English, Science up to 10th grade-Secondary

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