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(Last updated: October 18, 2014) 

Dot NET & PHP professional trainer

PHP up to Masters, .Net up to Masters, C/C++ up to Masters, MySQL up to Masters, Data Structures up to Masters

(Last updated: October 15, 2014) 

Fluent in English and Well versed with CBSE English curricuum for middle school

English Social studies up to 5th grade - Primary Middle school class 6-8

(Last updated: October 12, 2014) 

3 year work experience

C/C++ up to All levels, Objective C, Xcode, Ios Development, Iphone Application

(Pin:302015) Bapu Nagar
(Last updated: October 11, 2014) 

Science & Technology, Spoken English for TOFEL & IELTS from an IITian

TOEFL All school subjects up to All levels upto 10, Geography up to All levels, Biology up to All levels, IELTS up to All levels, Spoken English up to All levels, Environmental Science up to All levels, MS Office up to All levels, Operating Systems up to All levels, Science up to All levels

(Last updated: October 08, 2014) 

You can contact me on facebook & you can contact me on www.facebook.com/BKM009

C/C++ up to Bachelors in Engineering

(Last updated: October 08, 2014) 

A perfect and skilled learning can help you in overcoming maths phobia....................

Maths Science up to All levels upto 12th grade, Quantitative Aptitude up to All levels, Reasoning up to All levels, Political Science up to All levels

(Last updated: October 04, 2014) 

I want to help student to get good marks.

Maths up to 10th grade-Secondary, Control System up to Bachelors in Engineering, Digital Electronics up to Bachelors in Engineering

(Last updated: October 03, 2014) 

Expert Secondary Teacher

Maths Physics and Chemistry up to 10th grade-Secondary 9th grade

(Last updated: September 27, 2014) 

I Promise I will return your money if I fail to make you speak effective English.

English Grammar Spoken English up to Masters Professional Speaking

(Pin:302029) Sanganer
(Last updated: September 23, 2014) 

I would prefer to teach those students who have mathematical phobia.

Maths Science up to 10th grade-Secondary 10th grade-secondary

(Pin:302015) Renwal
(Last updated: September 22, 2014) 

i like to teach student with making live image in his mind so he can feel that not only book knowledge.

Biology up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary

(Last updated: September 19, 2014) 

Part time mathematics teacher (MBA & Btech from IIT)

Maths up to IIT 9, 10, 11, 12, CAT, IIT, PO

(Pin:302020) Mansarovar
(Last updated: September 16, 2014) 

I can not judge my teaching skills better than student, come and judge me.

Maths up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary

(Last updated: September 10, 2014) 

Years of Experience in teachingShipping, Export-Import, Chartering, Stevedoring Management

Chartering up to Masters, Shipping up to Masters, Export Import up to Masters

(Last updated: September 08, 2014) 

I know how to bring success for students they don't only need academic knowledge.

Taxation up to All levels, Economics up to Bachelors in Commerce, Financial Management up to All levels, Income Tax up to All levels, Law up to Bachelors in Commerce

(Last updated: September 06, 2014) 

providing reasoning and maths tutions for compitative exams like SSC BANK PO...

(Pin:302020) Mansarovar
(Last updated: August 24, 2014) 

Maths and Statistics classes for B Tech, MBA & BBA, MCA & BCA, IX, X, XI, XII students

Maths MCA, MBA, MSc, BSc, BCA, up to Bachelors in Engineering up to Masters, Maths IX, X, XI, XII classes up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary Differentiation, algebra, Statistics Probability Theory up to All levels Random variables, Test of Hypothesis, up to Test of Significance, Correlation Regression up to Normal Distribution, Estimation of parameters up to Mathematical Statistics, Queuing Theory, Game theo, Random Variable, Markov ch, Laplace Transforms, Bayes Theorem, Sampling Theory

(Last updated: August 13, 2014) 

A complete expert across several educational domains to serve best quality for students.

Finance International Finance, FM up to All levels Forex, Corporate Finance, Java C, C++, PHP, HTML up to All levels Content& Academic Writing, Maths Advance Maths, Stats, XII up to All levels OR, SPSS, MATLAB, GRE GMAT, CAT, SAT up to MCA (Maths ), Economics, English Academic Writing up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary All levels

(Last updated: August 09, 2014) 

Physics is the essence of life and I can make it friendly for you.

Physics up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary, Digital Electronics up to Bachelors in Engineering

(Last updated: August 04, 2014) 

C & C++ are very easy subjects.

C/C++ up to Bachelors in Engineering

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